Extra Activities
The school organizes various cultural and literary programmes (Inter House Competitions) every year to bring out the talents of the students and prepare them for different Inter School Competitions. Besides this, the school promotes outdoor and social activities for which educational tours are arranged to various places of historical and cultural importance in order to develop children’s social confidence, empathy, constructive skills, aesthetic awareness, communicative skills and sportsmanship.
The school lays emphasis on physical fitness through regular physical training conducted by well qualified and experienced physical instructors. The school is well equipped for indoor and outdoor sports and games. Annual sports and games are held every year. Besides students get opportunities to participate in the Inter House and Inter School competitions and friendly tournaments with other schools.
School buses ply for the transportation of the children. However;
Preference are given to the children of the poorer section of society
Conveyance facility is provided at minimum rates on all the routes.
Bus fees are taken in one installment; however, it may be remitted in two installments with permission from the Principal: First
      from April to September, Second from October to March on special permission.
Bus will run on prescribed routes and fixed days only. Conveyance fee is to be remitted in the school office/bank using Pay-in-slip
      Conveyance facility shall not be granted to less than a section.(12 Months)
Note:-The school provides conveyance facility for the students from class LKG to class XII..
The school conducts remedial classes for weaker students with an objective to develop in students the ability to comprehend reading material and apply information for the solution of compiler problems. it concentrates on developing the students ability to write and speak clearly and to work effectively as well. Teacher specially trained to implement the progr44ame successfully in the classrooms to benefit the students are deployed as per the requirement. Student is particularly time labeled for remedial classes in separate classrooms. tutor are deployed are well directed to justify humanistic approach to dealing with the student in order to reflect a rich learning environment . As per the requirement the school provides appropriate resources for instruction to the remedial tutors to ensure a proper approach to learning. we focus upon the reduction of chalk and talk approach tutors are instruct to pay individual attention to the student identify for the purpose.
The hostel is truly a model for nurturing a sound body and healthy minds for the students . it is the self sufficient in all respect and geared to take care of every need of the student. the various kind of services for the student inside the hostel premises itself are as below.
Medical Facility: the health of the children is adequately was over in the hostel. it has a well equipped dispensary. no stone is left unturned when it comes to the physical well being of any child. the students are periodically examined by E.N.T, EYE and DENTAL specialist also the services of the general and the super spatiality of hospitals, which are located in vicinity and the facilities are extended to the in made of the hostel whenever necessary.
MULTI-PURPOSE HALL: the hostel has an airy and versatile hall which is used for various purposes. its serves as a dining hall, prayer hall as well as performance hall for various extracurricular activities and co- curricular activities of the hostel .
Other in - house facilities: the hostel has number of the other services in – house to make the stay of the students at the hostel a pleasant experience. they include ------------
A general store, stocking every possible item, form pencils and pins to buckets and bags as may be required by the students.
A library and reading room with a variety of gendered knowledge and children story books apart from the comics and other light reading material is available.
An audio visual parlor to provide wholesome entertainment on weekends and another special occasions
A computer room with internet connectivity and multimedia facility with restricted acess.
For artistically inclined students, the hostel has ample facilities to pursue their interests of painting, drawing in their leisure time.
For boys keen on indoor games like carom, chess etc, the hostel has specious patios other than these, the hostel has special rooms and people employed for services like
      laundry, saloon etc.
Hostel Mess: the hostel mess and caters to all the food and nutritional requirements of the students. they are served a well balanced diet along with mil at the hostel the menu for all meal sessions is changed regularly to provide variety and wholesome nourishment..
Kitchen:- The kitchen is well maintained to ensure light standards of hygiene. it is also well furnished with modern methods of cookery replete with contemporary cooking gadgets.
Code Of Conduct And Regulations:- A cultured code of conduct is a time – honoured and leny cherished tradition of the hostel every student is exhorted to observed the rules and regulations whole – heartedly and in the rights spirit.
-- Each student is expected to sincerely practice obedience and reverence to teachers and elders.
-- students are expected to were decent and unostentatious dress and maintain short and well – groomed hair
-- Voluntarily maintaining silence during mass gathering like assembly in dining hall inside classroom etc. is expected from every student. indulging in loud talk and idle chat is     inexcusably condemned.
-- Personal possession of an iron box, tape recorder or transistor, video games, mobile phone etc. is not allowed in the hostel.
-- All students are required to maintain a high standard of personal cleanliness as well as the cleanliness of the surrounding.
-- Student is not encouraged to keep any ready cash or valuables with them.
-- Students are expected to converse with their parents once a week.
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